What is Dilemma VR?

Dilemma is an interactive VR game inspired by the classical prisoner's dilemma. In this version, the player and an NPC are both locked into individual cells without any means of communication. Each cell is equipped with a button. The game starts when the player presses the button. The first character to press the button a second time loses the game. For the player, there is no way of knowing if the NPC has presses the button already. Patience is key.


The NPC and you go to the cells. You push the button, the doors lock and the timer starts. Let's say, after 45min, you push the button, and the NPC pushes the button after 60min. When you press it, nothing happens. You've lost. Since the NPC waited 60min, your total sentence is 120min.


All the controls are gaze based. Look at a door, a button or a option tile to activate it. The movement is checkpoint based. Look at the red tiles on the floor to move to that position.

Game options

The game menu consists of the following options:

Release photo

Before the game starts you can take a photo and "Set [it] as release" photo. When the player is able to exit the cell (either after the player wins or loses), the photo will be visible at the spawn point. The photo works best in portrait mode.

Please note, in case "Mercy" is disabled (orange) and the NPC decides to not release the player, there is no way to view the photo.

If your browser crashes, the battery dies, or the browser tab reloads, the player will not able to see the release photo. Photo recovery methods are still in development.


The VR prison dilemma can be used to make a self-bondage session more exciting: A VR selfbondage game, or a VR selfbondage escape room.

Take a combination lock that allows you to set a new combination. Set it to a random combination and take a photo without looking at the numbers. Set the photo with the combination as a "release photo". Use the combination lock in whatever bondage setup you like. While being locked in the virtual cell, you're also locked up in real life. If the player in the game is freed from the cell, you see the photo with the combination that will set you free in real life.

Selfbondage is extremely dangerous. Always uses alternative release mechanisms. The random sentence terms can be very long! The game might crash at anytime!


Performance and caveats

The game is supposed to be played in a web browser on a mobile phone with a cardboard head strap. The details of the 3D game have been reduced to the minimum to achieve a good game performance. Good experience (high fps) was achieved with Chrome. There are issues with the sound in Safari.

Please note that your browser might crash at any time.